Speciality show for Bulldogs and Small Molossian type Dogs

14.08.2020 Tagadi, Harjumaa

Estonian Society of English Bulldogs and Small Molossian type Dogs

Tagadi Koerte Treeningkeskus – Eesnõmme, Tagadi, 75517 Harju maakond

JUDGE: Helen Tonkson, Eesti

• INFO +372 5560 8927, +372 5392 1439
• For ENTRY send us to show entry, a copy of the registration certificate if the dog is not in EST register and a copy of the receipt to the entry form! Registration into Champion Class only if Champion Title copy is added.
• In receipt explanation please write specialty show and participant dog(s) register number(s).
• All papers should arrive at the same time and payment amount according to the terms below.
• e-mail: buldogshow@gmail.com
• Post: Mäevana põik 9, Aespa alevik, Kohila vald, Estonia 79825
• BANK: Inglise buldogide ja kääbusmolosside Eesti Tõuühing, SEB bank, IBAN: EE642200221035127546 SWIFT HABAEE2X Please check that receiver name is correctly written. Otherwise, the payment will not arrive.
After sending entry you should get a confirmation letter in about a week! If you haven’t got please check has the letter been sent to the correct address or write to us in buldogshow@gmail.com!

ENTRY until 01.08.2020

  – 25.07. 26.07. – 01.08.
IBKMTÜ members
Baby puppy and puppy 25 €25 €
Dog 35 €40 €
Braces10 €10 €
Breeders and progeny classfreefree


All dogs participating the show or other competitions must have a valid certificate of vaccination against Distemper and Rabies. All dogs must have an ID-marking (tattoo or microchip). More information http://kennelliit.ee/en/vaccination-requirements/