Speciality show for English and French bulldogs

17.08.2018 Vanamõisa, Harjumaa 

beginning 14.00 o’clock

Estonian Society of English Bulldogs and Small Molossian type Dogs

Theo Koekemoer (LAV) – English bulldogs
Pedro Bispo – french bulldogs, pugs, boston terriers

This is drive-in show. NB! Committee of the Show keeps the right to change the judge.

  • INFO ! +372 55 555 138, +372 53 921 439
  • Please attach a copy of the registration certificate if dog is not in EST register and copy of the receipt to the entry form! Registration into Champion Class only if Champion Title copy is added.
  • Show entry form you can find from Estonian Kennel Union homepage www.kennelliit.ee. Choose: ENG/Application forms
  • e-mail: buldogshow@gmail.com
  • Post: Rannaniidu 4, 13516 Tallinn, Estonia
  • fax: +372 6408 543
  • BANK: Inglise buldogide ja kääbusmolosside Eesti Tõuühing, Swedbank, IBAN: EE642200221035127546  SWIFT HABAEE2X
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Baby class: Unofficial class, 4–6 months puppies, BOB Baby is selected.
Puppy class: 6–9 months puppies, BOB puppy is selected.
Junior Class: 9–18 months old dogs, Junior CAC is selected, Junior and BOB can be awarded.
Intermediate Class: 15–24 months old dogs, CAC and BOB can be awarded.
Open Class: dogs over 15 months, CAC and BOB can be awarded.
Champion Class: dogs over 15 months, on registration champion title copy is needed, CAC and BOB can be awarded
Veteran Class: dogs over 8 years, BOB veteran and BOB can be awarded.
Breeder Class: competitions of breeders with 4 progenies, who is out from at least 2 different ancestor’s combination and are older than 9 months. All dogs shall be registered in this show. Best Breeder is awarded.
Progeny Class: competitions of 4 progenies of one stud dog or bitch, who are out from at least 2 different ancestor’s combination and are older than 9 months. All dogs shall be registered in this show. Best Progeny Class is awarded.
Brace Competition: Pair of dog and bitch from same breed belongs to same owner. Both dogs shall be older than 9 months. Best Brace is awarded.

Also we have additional competitions:
Coctail competition (owner with two dogs from different breed who participate in show).
NB!  For competitions we accept English bulldogs and toymolossians only.

ENTRY until 01.08.2018

Dog in Estonian register 22.03–22.05 23.05–22.07 23.07–01.08
Baby puppy and puppy
For members of society
18 €
12 €
18 €
12 €
20 €
12 €
For members of society
30 €
25 €
40 €
25 €
50 €
30 €
NOT in EST-register
Baby puppy and puppy 22 € 22 € 25 €
dog 35 € 45 € 55 €
Veterans free free free
Breeders and progeny class free free free

* Discount is applied for members of IBKMTÜ, Latvian National Bulldogs and Boston terrier club, The Bulldog Club of Lithuania and  Lithuanian French bulldogs and Pugs lovers’ Club. 

  • Starting of the 3nd baby puppy, puppy and dog of the same owner  – 3€
  • Additional competitions: until 01.08 – 10€
  • Advertisment in catalogue –  15 €
  • First registration price includes catalogue!
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All dogs must be vaccinated according to the requirements set by Estonian Veterinary office.
All dogs must either have a microchip or a clear ID tattoo.